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List of Standards

Military Standards

Primarily, the German armaments sector makes use of appropriate civilian standards (DIN / EN / ISO etc.) for the development and procurement of defense materiel. If civilian standards cannot be used due to military requirements, first, an attempt is made by the military sector to incorporate these specifically military requirements into already existing civilian standards or into civilian standards currently being prepared.

For this purpose, experts of the armaments sector are equal partners in the appropriate civilian standardization committees of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN). The outcome of the contribution of the armaments sector in the standardization committees of the DIN are civilian standards. Only if justified military requirements cannot be considered in civilian standards can experts of the armaments sector together with the relevant industry prepare German military standards (VG standards) and / or – for materials – material specifications sheets (WL sheets) of the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw). This work is done in accordance with the regulations of the civilian DIN defense technology standardization committees.

With the publication of civilian standards that cover the military requirements satisfactorily the pertinent military standards are withdrawn.

You can find the list of German military standards under the entry "Search". This list provides information on the current inventory of German military standards and BAAINBw material specifications sheets.

The German military standards and the BAAINBw material specifications sheets are obtainable from Beuth-Verlag, Berlin.

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European Defence Standards Reference System (EDSTAR)

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) has made the online data base „European Handbook For Defence Procurement“ (EHDP) available on a European scale; IT contains defense standards and equivalent procurement documents drawn up by the European nations and NATO.

This data base reflects the updated work results achieved by the Workshop 10 “Standardization for Defense Procurement“, which is supported by the European Commission.
Recommendations concerning the use of “Best Practice Standards“ are available for a number of technology sectors relevant to the field of defense technology.

In the framework of the “Standardization Industry Day“ in Budapest, the European Commission handed over the EHDP to the European Defence Agency (EDA) on 09 June 2011. The EDA will be responsible for maintaining and expanding the EHDP in the form of a “European Defence Standards Reference System“ (EDSTAR).

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