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Basics of procurement

Article 87b of the Basic Law assigns the task of directly satisfying the procurement needs of the armed forces to the Federal Defense Administration. The contracts required for providing the necessary equipment to the armed forces are awarded to industry, trade and commerce by the designated civilian authorities of the Federal Defense Administration, in compliance with the following awarding regulations and directives:

  • Act against Restraints of Competition (GWB)
  • Regulation on the Award of Public Contracts (VgV)
  • Public Procurement Regulation for the Areas of Defense and Security (VSVgV)
  • Conditions concerning Contracts for Supplies and Services, Part A (VOL/A)
  • Conditions concerning Contracts for Freelance Supplies and Services (VOF) (applicable only to award procedures that were initiated before 18 April 2016)
  • Federal Budget Code (BHO)

These are the foundations on which central procurement in the BAAINBW’s responsibility is based. Central procurement means that the entire demand of the armed services is jointly determined and procured.

Study, research and development contracts, initial as well as follow-up requirements for defense materiel and supplies (vehicles, Air Force and Navy equipment, communications equipment, information technology, weapons, ammunition, missiles, POL, food, etc.) including repair work for the armed services are awarded centrally.

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Current as of 7/15/16