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Information on Electronic Tendering (e-tendering)

Bundeswehr invitations to tender on the German government‘s e-tendering portal

In the course of the reform of public procurement law which entered into force on 18 April 2016, more and more Bundeswehr agencies have started to manage tender procedures completely electronically.

For companies, the e-tendering platform (www.evergabe-online.de) of the German government provides an overview of all electronic contract notices.

The website is provided by the Procurement Office of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. It is free of charge for companies and the first source of information on published electronic contract awards.

How can you use the e-tendering platform?

You will find all the information on electronic tendering on the information server of the e-tendering platform (www.evergabe-online.info).

How can you benefit from e-tendering?

1. The required contract award documents are available for download free of charge, without restrictions, completely and directly (free access). As a registered user you can also communicate electronically with the contracting authority, receive prompt information on changes in contract notices, and submit electronic tenders.

2. The e-tendering platform is protected by comprehensive security measures. Your confidential information, correspondence and tenders are protected at any time and will be submitted to the contracting authority in an encrypted format.

3. Costly printing and mailing of the extensive contract award documents and tenders will be eliminated. Submitting the information electronically also saves time in comparison with delivery by mail.

4. Seamless documentation of all processes makes the entire award procedure more transparent.

Additional information

Please also take note of the following publication platforms on which BAAINBw ,however, is not represented as a contract-awarding authority:

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