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The Bundeswehr as a Customer – Information About Awarding Contracts

In this section, you will find important information about awarding public contracts.

Apart from general information contained in the brochure “The Bundeswehr as a Customer”, you will also find reference to current publications in the central internet portal of the German Federal Administration (www.bund.de).

We also offer you the possibility to download various forms and regulations.

General Information

Basic Fundamentals of Produrement

  • Forms and Bases for Contracting

    The tasks of the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) include the preparation, introduction, modification and abrogation of forms for defense technology and procurement for the BAAINBw, its subordinate agencies and also for local procurement. The most important forms are provided in this section and can be downloaded.

  • List of Standards

    You can use the list of standards to search for German military standards and material specifications sheets.

  • Technical Specifications

    The Technical Specifications (TL) are a summary of technical and technical-organizational requirements which have to be fulfilled for defense materiel to be delivered or other technical supplies or services to be provided. In contracting, they are agreed as a contractual basis for contracts and help to rationalize the procurement system.

Quality Management for Bundeswehr Contracts



Current as of 10/11/18