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0.75 Ton, Flatbed (Kraka (Mobile Platform)) Truck

0.75 Ton, Flatbed Truck Kraka

0.75 Ton, Flatbed Truck Kraka (Source: Bundeswehr/WTS)Größere Abbildung anzeigen

Nation: Federal Republic of Germany

Starting in 1962, Zweirad-Union AG Nürnberg developed a small multipurpose vehicle for use in agriculture and forestry which, however, was not a sales success. Since the Bundeswehr required an air-droppable conversion kit carrier for the mobility of its airborne units, the further development of the equipment, resulting in the 0.75 ton gl Kraka truck was continued after the project had meanwhile been taken over by Faun. This works truck is collapsible and can be used for the all-terrain transport of a payload of up to 750 kg or seven soldiers.

After extensive trials a total of 860 vehicles were delivered in the years 1974 / 1975. The Kraka mobile platform with its various conversion options enhanced the mobility of the airborne forces and their antitank weapons. The "WIESEL" light weapon carrier has now replaced the Kraka mobile platform.

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