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LKW 0,25 t gl (4x4) GOLIATH Typ 31

Die Abbildung zeigt den Lastkraftwagen 0,25 Tonnen (Goliath)
LKW 0,25 t (Goliath) (Source: Bundeswehr/WTS)Enlarge image

Nation: Federal Republic of Germany

The Auto Union and Goliath models illustrate the state of the art all-terrain vehicle production in the Federal Republic of Germany in the late fifties. To be noted is the fact that the vehicles were fitted with two-stroke engines which were less suitable for all-terrain vehicles at that time and the installation of a commercial 3-cylinder-2-stroke engine in the vehicles fielded later on; this engine also played a major role in the mass motorization in the German Democratic Republic until 1989.

Due to the similarity to the American Willys Jeep, the appearance of these vehicles strongly differs from the German developments before and during the war.

Despite the limited capacities of the German automobile industry in this field it was decided in 1954 not to purchase new or used military vehicles from abroad due to the high purchasing cost and the poor economic efficiency to be expected during use. A bidding procedure was initiated for the national procurement of such vehicles.

For the initial equipment of the Bundeswehr in terms of a 0.25 ton gl truck, the Defense Committee authorized by its decision dated 13 April 1956 the procurement of initially 5000 EA Auto-Union 0.25 ton gl trucks. However, the selection of the manufactured product was initially not a final decision for an exclusive fielding of this model since 50 comparable vehicles manufactured by Goliath and Porsche, respectively were procured which were then subjected to the first comparative trials.

The trials consisted of the following three categories:

  1. Comparative trials regarding the technical and military suitability of the three products manufactured by Auto-Union, Goliath and Porsche on a broad basis in the forces, to be conducted by eight units.
  2. Automotive comparative trials conducted in accordance with the tactical requirements for two vehicles each of the three manufacturers at the Test Center for Automotive and Armored Vehicles in Niederlahnstein.
  3. Comparative trials conducted during 100 operating hours from 22 June - 02 July 1958 under full load on the road and especially in the terrain with five vehicles each of the three manufacturers, conducted by a special unit of the Artillery School at Idar-Oberstein, directed by an ordnance officer.

Despite the further development of the prototypes Goliath was not able to beat the competition.

With respect to the fulfillment of requirements the favorable price and the delivery options of the former Auto-Union manufacturer resulted in the decision in favor of the Auto-Union 0.25 ton truck. Roughly 38,000 vehicles of three different types were procured for the Bundeswehr until 1968.



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