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VW Frettchen Prototype

Das Bild zeigt das Fahrzeug in einer Halle parkend.
Prototyp VW FRETTCHEN (Source: BWB / WTS)Enlarge image

The Frettchen by VW Individual based on a civil VW Touareg was procured as a Class I (transport of command personnel and its C2 equipment) proof sample within the scope of the "Protected Command and Utility Vehicles" (GFF) project and examined with regard to the common functional requirements (air transportability, protection, payload, etc.) for a basic vehicle platform.

The main feature of the GFF is the protection of its "function" in addition to the protection of the vehicle crew. The Frettchen is equipped with an internal armored steel screw-technology-type safety cell. The drawback of this technology is the reduction of interior space, however, the armor protection of the vehicle is not detectable.



Current as of 9/12/18