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Overview of wheeled vehicles

  • 0.75 Ton, Flatbed Truck Kraka

    0.75 Ton, Flatbed (Kraka (Mobile Platform)) Truck

    Starting in 1962, Zweirad-Union AG Nürnberg developed a small multipurpose vehicle for use in agriculture and forestry which, however, was not a sales success.

  • Das Bild zeigt das Experimentalfahrzeug vor einem Gebäude parkend.

    ATF Experimental Vehicle

    In the mid-nineties, Krauss-Maffei developed a vehicle for the purpose of equipping the Bundeswehr in accordance with its new tasks and closing the gap in terms of equipment and technology for missions abroad between fully armored wheeled vehicles and light unarmored trucks with no modern mine protection.

  • Das Bild zeigt das Fahrzeug in einer Halle parkend.

    VW Frettchen Prototype

    The Frettchen by VW Individual based on a civil VW Touareg was procured as a Class I (transport of command personnel and its C2 equipment) proof sample within the scope of the "Protected Command and Utility Vehicles" (GFF) project and examined with regard to the common functional requirements (air transportability, protection, payload, etc.) for a basic vehicle platform.

  • The picture shows the Lastkraftwagen 0,25 Tonnen (Goliath)

    LKW 0,25 t gl (4x4) GOLIATH Typ 31

    The Auto Union and Goliath models illustrate the state of the art all-terrain vehicle production in the Federal Republic of Germany in the late fifties.

  • Das Bild zeigt den LKW in einer Halle parkend.

    7 Ton, gl (s) Truck, Prototype

    Starting in 1962, the plans for replacing the first vehicle generation were initiated. The focus was on medium- and heavy-duty trucks with all-terrain capability and armored wheeled vehicles as military special developments. The idea was to build a single family of wheeled vehicles.

  • FMS 0.5 Ton gls (4x4) Truck

    FMS 0.5 Ton gls (4x4) Truck

    In the late sixties the initiated national development of an amphibious successor model of the Auto-Union 0.25-ton truck was stopped in favor of a trilateral development together with France and Italy. Until then, Glas GmbH and after its takeover BMW AG had manufactured several prototypes for factory trials as well as engineering and service tests.

  • Das Bild zeigt ein gepanzertes Radfahrzeug.

    Multirole Armored Vehicle (MRAV) Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) Prototype (Boxer)

    The multirole armored vehicle (GTK) by the name of Boxer is a heavy-load all-terrain and highly mobile armored transport vehicle which is to replace the M113 APC and Fuchs ATV in the forces. It is air-transportable in the new Airbus A400M transport aircraft, offering maximum passenger protection as currently possible against firing as well as IEDs and mines which are to be expected during operations abroad.



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