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Test vehicle VT 1-2

The picture shows the test vehicle VT 1-2.

Test vehicle VT 1-2 (Source: Bundeswehr/WTS)Größere Abbildung anzeigen

Country: Federal Republic of Germany

Compared to battle tanks (turret tanks) fielded so far the following improvements or performance upgrades were supposed to be achieved by the twin-barrel casemate concept:

More firepower

  • by shorter response times (redundant weapons operation, omission of firing halt)
  • by increased hit probability (firing of a double tap or a salvo)
  • by increased kill probability (firing of a double tap or shorter intervals between the rounds fired through automatic loaders attached to the weapon)
Increased mobility

  • through more engine power
  • through improved performance of the track and suspension system

Increased survivability

  • by changing to the so-called “tactical combat movement" (slalom course) while in contact with the enemy
  • by minimizing the heavily armored volume (crew compartment)
  • by implementing a high front protection
The field trials with the two test vehicles VT 1-1 and VT 1-2 have shown that the concept of a twin-barrel casemate tank can be realized with the appropriate engineering effort; yet, there are substantial problems during tactical missions and in the field.

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