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Battle Tank T55 AM2 (Instruction model)

The Picture shows a Battle Tank T55 AM2.

Battle Tank T55 (Source: Bundeswehr/WTS)Größere Abbildung anzeigen

Country: German Democratic Republic

The main battle tanks T55 AM2 and AM2B were the most modern versions of this type in the former NVA (National People’s Army). The latter had extensive upgrades conducted primarily on the fire control system and the armored protection. The fire and mine protection was improved. The AM2B also had a BASTION guided missile system that fired laser beam-riding missiles. In spite of these improvements the AM2Bs in their basic structure were considered to be out of date in the 80s. The fire control system and the night vision system were inferior to the western types. The integration of a lot of new equipment reduced the space available for the crew. Altogether, the NVA had 241 AM2s and 50 AM2Bs modified between 1986 and 1989.

The instruction model for the training of tank crews that is shown here was developed with great effort from an actual main battle tank of an older generation. The partially outdated automotive technology and the limited space are conspicuous.

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