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Overview of track vehicles exhibits

  • The picture shows the test vehicle VT 1-2.

    Test vehicle VT 1-2

    The field trials with the two test vehicles VT 1-1 and VT 1-2 have shown that the concept of a twin-barrel casemate tank can be realized with the appropriate engineering effort; yet, there are substantial problems during tactical missions and in the field.

  • The picture shows the Test vehicle MARDER 2 armored infantry fighting vehicle.

    Test vehicle MARDER 2 armored infantry fighting vehicle

    Considerations concerning the development of a successor for the MARDER 1 armored infantry fighting vehicle fielded in 1971 began within the project "Kampfwagen 90" (Fighting Vehicle 90).

  • The picture shows the Medium tank (standard tank pre-series) cutaway model.

    Medium tank (standard tank pre-series) cutaway model

    In contrast to current tank developments the standard tank program at that time was characterized by the fact that sufficient financial funding for a broad concept phase was available.

  • The Picture shows a Battle Tank T55 AM2.

    Battle Tank T55 AM2 (Instruction model)

    The main battle tanks T55 AM2 and AM2B were the most modern versions of this type in the former NVA (National People’s Army).

  • The picture shows a WIESEL weapons carrier prototype.

    WIESEL weapons carrier prototype

    In 1973 several companies presented project studies for an air-droppable tank as successor for the Kraka 0.75 ton truck.

  • The picture shows the 20 mm quad anti-aircraft gun on an 8 ton medium tractor vehicle.

    20 mm quad anti-aircraft gun on an 8 ton medium tractor vehicle ("Flakvierling")

    The basic version of the medium tractor vehicle for a towed load of 8 tons had an open superstructure with 11 seats and was the most important tractor vehicle for heavy artillery and the 88 mm anti-aircraft gun.

  • The picture shows the HS 30 mortar carrier.

    HS 30 mortar carrier

    As a result of the experiences made in the Second World War only ten years earlier Germany had very concrete ideas concerning the requirements for an armored fighting vehicle as a West German defense contribution within NATO.



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