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Overview of the small arms exhibits

  • The picture shows the G11 assault rifle.

    G11 Assault Rifle

    From 1988 on, after having optimized the chamber once again, Heckler & Koch manufactured preproduction weapons for extensive operational tests at the various Bundeswehr branch schools which were completed in 1990.

  • The picture shows the G22 sniper rifle.

    G22 Sniper Rifle

    In March 1997, after successful engineering and service testing, the decision was taken to introduce the UK-designed AWM-F with minor modifications (to the color scheme and spade, for example) as the new G22 sniper rifle into the Bundeswehr.

  • The picture shows the 7.62 mm Heligun on-board machine gun.

    7.62 mm Heligun on-board machine gun EX-17, model 0 (1965)



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