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TIGER Combat Helicopter

The picture shows the TIGER combat helicopter between trees.
TIGER hovering in terrain cover (Source: Airbus Helicopters GmbH)Enlarge image

The UH TIGER support helicopter is developed within the framework of a trilateral program between France, Spain and Germany. It has powerful sensors, avionics and weapons and is one of the most modern combat helicopters on the world market.

Airframe and rotor are made of plastic composite material providing for a long service life. The extreme agility of the twin-engine UH TIGER support helicopter is of great advantage for low-level flights in obstacle-rich terrain. The avionics for the flight control allow for unlimited use by day and night as well as in bad weather.

The UH TIGER support helicopter differs from the French and Spanish versions (HAP – Hélicoptère d’Appui et Protection, HAD – Hélicoptère d’Appui et Déstruction) by weapons adaptable to the respective threat situation. These weapons include a machine gun integrated in a container, unguided rockets as well as the HOT antitank guided missile and the PARS 3 LR standoff “fire-and-forget” missile.
For the purpose of self-protection, the UH TIGER support helicopter is equipped with warning and decoy devices against laser/radar and missile threats as well as with STINGER air-to-air missiles.

The picture shows two persons in front of the TIGER combat helicopter.
TIGER prior to takeoff (Source: Airbus Helicopters GmbH)Enlarge image

The pilot (in front) and the gunner are seated as a tandem, i.e. one behind the other. The gunner is responsible for the weapon employment by using the passive sensors of the mast-mounted sight and a head-in-display of the integrated helmet system. The mast-mounted sight located above the rotor level allows for observation and reconnaissance from cover.

Germany will procure a total of 68 UH TIGER support helicopters. In 2005 and 2006, the first five helicopters were delivered to the German-French Army Aviation Training Center in Le Luc, South France, for basic and follow-on training of the flight instructors. In August 2008, the first UH TIGER support helicopter was accepted into service by 36 attack helicopter regiment in Fritzlar. Delivery of the last UH TIGER helicopter from series production is scheduled for 2018.

In the period between January 2013 and June 2014, UH TIGER helicopters were deployed to Afghanistan in a special configuration (called ASGARD). Twelve helicopters were retrofitted accordingly. In that time, more than 1,800 flight hours were completed.

Based on the experience gained in operations, it was decided to take the ASGARD configuration as the basis for all UH Tioger helicopters to be operated. Meanwhile, industry has been tasked with the conversion of all remaining helicopters scheduled for long-term operation.

Since March 2017, the UH TIGER has been deployed to its second mission: It supports the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA).



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