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The Army Combat Training Center

Picture of the map of the major training area "Altmark"

Picture of the map of the major training area "Altmark" (Source: Rheinmetall Defence Electronic GmbH)Größere Abbildung anzeigen

The Army Combat Maneuver Training Center is located at the Altmark major training area (north of Magdeburg) and covers an area of approximately 15 x 30 km. it is the German Army’s central training facility where combat troops are trained in combined arms combat under near-operational condition in open terrain, using original weapon systems (with tactical engagement laser simulators, no live rounds) and involving all supporting elements of other branches of service.

The Army Combat Maneuver Training Center is a highly effective, cost-efficient and environmentally sound facility that enables training under unprecedentedly realistic and near-operational conditions, at the Altmark major training area.

This is achieved by means of an intensive use of weapon, weapon system and ordnance simulations in combination with complex detection and analysis instruments, offering holistic high-accuracy (GPS) coverage of combat situations, as well as radio data transmission and computer-assisted processing of the information in the control center for post-exercise debriefing and evaluation.

Enhancing system technology at the Army Combat Maneuver Training Center

Due to varying operational requirements, training requirements are constantly changing as well. This, in turn, necessitates the adjustment and enhancement of system technologies at the Combat Maneuver Training Center (GÜZ).

The following projects are currently being analyzed or implemented:

  • Improving products for network enabled operations of the GÜZ, including the following components:
    • Connecting GÜZ system technologies to SIRA (simulation system in support of command post exercises);
    • Improving joint training and exercise capabilities;
    • Integrating intelligence collection and reconnaissance capabilities into the “Mapping of urban environment operations” system technology;
    • Creating a Control/Evaluation/Training capability for units with a network-enabled operations capability.
  • Developing and procuring presentation technologies and ammunition in order to conduct C-IED exercises connected to system technologies;
  • Representing the quality of medical support in system technologies.

These sub-projects will be implemented step by step over the next years.

The GÜZ system mainly consists of the following subsystems:

  • Control center subsystem Central data collection and processing equipment, equipment for the simulation of effects and the analysis, storage and presentation of complete combat situations, including the recording of radio and telephone traffic, as well as for audiovisual replay of battle phases for post-exercise debriefings.
  • Instrumentation subsystem ADGUS and PU exercise equipment for personnel and vehicles, GPS receivers, simulation of effects (mines, artillery, smoke), data collection and radio data transmission equipment, as well as umpire equipment.
  • Operation The Army Combat Maneuver Training Center is being operated by an industrial operator.

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