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Current Projects of the BAAINBw

This section offers information about current individual BAAINBw projects.

Apart from an abstract about the project you will learn more about its operational tasks, the technical specifications and the underlying – often multilateral – procurement program.

Selected individual projects

  • Eurofighter in flight, clear blue sky in the background


    The EUROFIGHTER is a one-seater in Delta-Canard configuration with two engines. Primary weapons are medium range air-to-air missiles (initially AMRAAM and Meteor in the future) and short-range air-to-air missiles (Sidewinder, ASRAAM and IRIS-T in the future).

  • View of the auditorium from the stand of the visitors

    The Army Combat Training Center

    The Army Training Combat Center permits operational training of combat troops under realistic conditions for combined arms combat using laser tactical engagement simulators.

  • Infantryman of the Future

    The “Future Infantryman” system enables infantry, armored infantry and the Air Force and Navy ground combat forces to better fulfill dismounted operations while reducing the risk to life and limb.

  • The picture shows the MARDER infantry combat vehicle during cross-country operation

    MARDER Infantry Combat Vehicle 1 A5

    The introduction of the MARDER Infantry Combat Vehicle 1 A5 has provided a significant and impressive improvement of crew protection for an in-service combat vehicle, in particular with respect to the growing mine threat.

  • This picture shows the satellite concept consisting of five identical satellites in three orbits.

    SAR - Lupe

    Satellites as carriers of optical or radar sensors can - unlike aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicles - carry out reconnaissance operations without infringing sovereign rights. They are thus particularly suited to gathering information – without escalating effect – for early crisis detection and prevention and for effective crisis management.

  • The picture shows a NATO Helicopter 90 during takeoff

    NATO - Helicopter 90 (NH90)

    In the context of the multinational NATO helicopter (NH)90 project, a helicopter family of the 9-to-11 ton class is being developed for transport and Navy operations. France, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany were the "founding nations" of the development program.

  • Photo shows the Airbus A400M with the landing gear extended over an airfield.

    A400M Transport Aircraft

    The European, multinational co-operative project A400M is an all-weather capable transport aircraft optimized for strategic and tactical air transport with special requirements for operational flexibility and effectiveness, survivability and availability.

  • The picture shows the Orion maritime patrol aircraft over the sea.

    P-3C ORION Maritime Patrol and Anti-Submarine Warfare Aircraft

    Since the achievement of the initial operational capability (IOC) in November 2007, the P-3C ORION weapon system has been used within the scope of the Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and has fully demonstrated its capacity.

  • The picture shows the TIGER combat helicopter between trees.

    TIGER Combat Helicopter

    The TIGER support helicopter is developed within the framework of a trilateral program between France, Spain and Germany. It has powerful sensors, avionics and weapons and is one of the most modern combat helicopters on the world market.

  • A BOXER MRAV drives into the cargo bay of an Antonov transport aircraft.

    The Multi-role Armored Vehicle (MRAV) BOXER

    The “BOXER Multi-Role Armored Vehicle (MRAV)” project is handled by section K5.3 “Weapon Carriers/Armored Personnel Carriers, Wheeled” of the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw).



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