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Customer Product Management (CPM) – Procedural Regulation for Determining And Meeting the Bundeswehr Demand

The term "CPM" designates a procedural regulation for determining and meeting the Bundeswehr demand.

The aim is to meet the Bundeswehr demand faster and in a more cost-effective way by streamlining the pertinent procedures. This is to be achieved by attaining the following goals:

  • Shorten development and procurement times;
  • Streamline administrative procedures, simplify harmonization processes;
  • Clearly distinguish between military and civilian responsibilities;
  • Conduct a Bundeswehr-wide capability analysis as basis for demand determination;
  • Observe the principles of cost-effectiveness and optimization of cost, performance and time;
  • Give preference to the procurement of off-the-shelf or commercially available materiel; and
  • Deliver proof of productibility to minimize the associated risk before a procurement decision is taken.



Current as of 30.07.2019