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Portrait of WTD 61

Das Bild zeigt eine Luftbildaufnahme des Geländes der WTD 61 mit Werft I und Tower
Aerial view of WTD 61 Manching (Source: Bundeswehr / WTD 61)

The Bundeswehr Technical Center for Aircraft and Aeronautical Equipment (WTD 61) belongs to the BAAINBw organization. IT is located in Manching (Bavaria) and was founded in 1957.

WTD 61 is the responsible Bundeswehr authority which ensures that all aircraft in service are safe and comply with their performance parameters – in the interest of both the aircrew's and the population's safety.

To fulfill this task, WTD 61 represents Bundeswehr interests in all national and international programs involving military manned and unmanned aviation. Both at the national and international level, WTD 61 maintains close connections with other technical and military agencies, test centers, companies, research institutes, universities and program offices.

Thanks to its facilities and equipment (airfield with two runways and test aircraft fitted with state-of-the-art metrological equipment), WTD 61 is in a position to perform most of its test and evaluation tasks on site. Otherwise, there is the possibility to use other test facilities and firing ranges in Germany or in partner states.

The agency is characterized by the following special features:

  • Aerodrome with all facilities
  • Special measuring systems for flight tests
  • Reserved airspace for flight tests & trials
  • Instrumentented test & trial platforms
  • Flight test & trial capability (test crews, measurement engineers)

WTD 61 currently employs more than 500 staff.

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