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How to get to WTD 61

Location of WTD 61

Ein Blick von oben auf das Gelände der WTD 61, eingerahmt von den zwei Start- und Landebahnen
WTD 61, Blick von oben (Source: Bundeswehr/ WTD 61)

The Bundeswehr Technical Center for Aircraft and Aeronautical Equipment (WTD 61) is located in the vicinity of Manching, a town of about 10,000 inhabitants in Upper Bavaria, about 10 km to the South-East of Ingolstadt and about 70 kilometres to the North of Munich.

From the A 9 motorway:
Leave A 9 at the "Manching" exit (No. 63) and take the B 16 towards Regensburg. Then follow the signs to WTD 61 Airfield ("Flugplatz") and "Cassidian".

Caution: Do not follow the signposts leading to the civilian airfield (IMA).

By train:
Since public transportation to our agency is rather complicated please contact us in due time so we can pick you up at Ingolstadt main station.

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How to get to WTD 61

Das Bild zeigt den Standort der WTD 61 auf einer Skizze
Anfahrtskizze WTD 61 (Source: Bundeswehr / WTD 61)

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