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International Symposium on Indirect Protection in Bad Reichenhall

The ‟International Symposium on Indirect Protection“(ISIP) took place in Bad Reichenhall between 16 and 19 October 2018. It was organized by the Wehrtechnische Dienststelle für Schutz- und Sondertechnik (Bundeswehr Technical Center for Protective and Special Technologies  (WTD 52)) in Oberjettenberg on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Defense.

The photo shows a group of people arranged on a winding staircase
Members of the ISIP Conference 2018 (Source: Bundeswehr/WTD 52)Enlarge image

Numerous experts from 15 nations used this unique forum for an intense exchange of information on research results in the field of indirect protection (camouflage, concealment and deception).

The new technological and scientific trends identified during the symposium pave the way for the introduction of new CC&D technologies in the Bundeswehr.

ISIP 2018 thus contributed greatly to maintaining and extending the indirect protection of our servicemen and women in all types of operations and to harmonizing the Bundeswehr’s equipment with that of its allies.



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