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Portrait of WIS

This picture shows a drawing of the WIS Institute
Drawing of the WIS Institute (Source: Bundeswehr / WIS)Enlarge image

The Bundeswehr Research Institute for Protective Technologies and CBRN Protection (WIS) belongs to the BAAINBw organization. It is located in Munster (Lower Saxony).

WIS is the only major German institute dealing with the issue of protection against the effects of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons of mass destruction.

It has numerous biological, chemical and physical laboratories, pilot plants and major test facilities for the conduct of various test activities, which cover a broad spectrum ranging from analytical agent detection, determination of the retention capacity of filters, to the reaction of entire weapon systems to the effective components of nuclear weapons.

The Bundeswehr Research Institute for Protective Technologies and CBRN Protection (WIS) has the following responsibilities:

  • Management tasks associated with the planning, fielding and service use of defense material for CBRN and fire protection;
  • Integrated compliance demonstration (CBRN / fire protection and water purification);
  • Management and implementation of R&T projects in the field of CBRN / fire protection and EME protection;
  • Operation of Hazardous Substance Measurement Office North;
  • Operation of the reference laboratory for the Chemical Weapons Convention;
  • Operation of the Central Collection Point for Bundeswehr radioactive waste;
  • Representation of the armaments organization at national and international panels in all matters relating to CBRN and fire protection;
  • Training and instruction of the troops (combat service support) in all matters relating to CBRN protection.

Furthermore, WIS supports the Bundeswehr in matters of environmental protection, radiation protection as well as occupational safety and health.

WIS currently has a staff of about 220.



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