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Tasks of the German Liaison Office for Defense Material, USA/Canada

The spectrum of tasks and activities of the German Liaison Office for Defense Materiel, USA/Canada is tailored to the objective of promoting cooperation in order to make effective and efficient use of limited national resources, strengthen the national military and industrial capabilities existing at national level and bring about common standards and interoperable solutions within the framework of Armed Forces Transformation.

The German Liaison Office for Defense Materiel, USA/Canada ...

  • makes an active contribution to the Transformation process by way of providing current information and maintaining valuable contacts to important defense technology institutions and organizations of the US armed forces;
  • provides current inputs to the step-by-step implementation of the Transformation and Network-Enabled Operations processes through its permanent branch offices at important institutions of the US armed forces and NATO Allied Command Transformation;
  • consolidates – through promoting cooperation and the transfer of know-how – the standards of performance in technology and science and, thus, the competitiveness of the Bundeswehr defense technology and research organizations as well as installations and institutes in Germany that work on scientific defense research projects;
  • reports on potential fields of cooperation, thus contributing to an active ideas competition;
  • takes initiatives towards cooperation in the field of research & technology with the aim of concluding Data Exchange Agreements (DEA) and Project Agreements (PA);
  • provides inputs to the efforts towards standardization of equipment and interoperability of the armed forces;
  • supports the German defense industry in its export business activities;
  • coordinates and supports the Foreign Comparative Testing on behalf of the Bundeswehr armaments organization;
  • is involved in bi- and multinational Project Teams;
  • provides interdepartmental assistance in armaments industry affairs to German government agencies and represents German procurement interests in international bodies;
  • supports Bundeswehr procurement through Foreign Military Sales and contracts with US industry;
  • is responsible for quality management and quality assurance inspections at U.S. manufacturers;
  • represents the Bundeswehr armaments organization at bi- and multilateral ad hoc meetings in the USA;
  • supports and manages the DEU/US Engineers and Scientists Exchange Program (ESEP) and the Administrative and Professional Personnel Exchange Program (APEP) as important factors in building up qualified, internationally competent personnel resources;
  • organizes and supports the advanced training scheme "Qualification for Work in International Armaments Cooperation" in the USA.

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Current as of 11/27/14